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Weather Tamer™ Deflectors Fuel Mileage Study

Weather Tamer™  Deflectors Fuel Mileage Study

Weather Tamer™ Deflectors ran an eight-week fuel mileage study from April to May 2020. The study was conducted in the upper Midwest from Minnesota to Oregon, driving through the northern Rockies. The owner-operator for this study was driving a 2016 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution with an automatic transmission.

The following fuel mileage variables were accounted for in this test:

  • Truck skirts: yes
  • Trailer skirts: yes
  • Road speed: 63-65 MPH
  • RPM: 1300-1350
  • Cruise Control: ON
  • FUEL: 5% bio or less
  • Oil type: Synthetic blend
  • Payload: 15-25000 LBS
  • Drive tires: Goodyear 295/75R/22.5 (SNOW LUGGERS)
  • Empty miles: 5%
  • Engine type: DD13

In the first week of April, we began this test running conventional mud flaps and no Weather Tamer™ Deflectors and using the truck’s onboard computer and ELD to measure daily results. After 22 days of driving, the overall average showed 7.8 MPG.

In the first week of May, we put Weather Tamer™ Deflectors on the truck and trailer, along with slotted mud flaps. Early indications in the first week showed close to a full mile per gallon improvement. By the end of the month, fuel mileage had increased .8 MPG above normal!

Weather Tamer™ Deflectors dramatic results are achieved by reducing the drag coming from the trailer’s rear undercarriage. Keep in mind, this test was conducted over the northern Rocky Mountains, so you can only imagine what the MPG savings would be driving in the Midwest on flatlands.

For more information on this study and to ask any additional questions about Weather Tamer™ Deflectors, please contact us via email.