What Other Drivers are Saying About Our Product

What Other Drivers are  Saying About Our Product

"I was blown away!"
I have been a professional truck driver for 32 years. During that time, I have driven through all kinds of weather conditions and, unfortunately, seen all kinds of accidents. I believe many of these accidents could have been prevented if there was better safety equipment available.

In 2018, at a truck stop in Montana, I met Thomas, and he told me about a new product he designed called the Weather Tamer™. After describing the product, we went outside, walked around his trailer, and I took a look for myself. It seemed like a fantastic product concept, but I wasn't sure how well it would work. Luckily, as we kept talking, I found out that Thomas and I were heading in the same direction. I decided to follow him for a few hours and observe the Weather Tamer in action for myself.

I was blown away! The snow and ice debris that flew out from the mudflaps of other trucks who passed us by that day was completely eliminated by the Weather Tamer™. In just a few hours out on the road, I was convinced that this was a product every safety-conscious company should install on the tractor-trailers. I wholeheartedly believe that the Weather Tamer™ is a critical piece of safety equipment and that it could prevent many future accidents.

– Gary Heermann, 32-year over-the-road trucking warrior